About Rocco Macellaro

Hello! my name is Rocco Macellaro.
I was born in 1984 and grew up with a passion for computers, today i am a Software Developer, I love the Digital Graphics and I love to photograph, I created blog.roccomacelalro.it for share my experiences and connect with others who have the My passions themselves.


ICT Department – Designing and Software Development company in the Research and Development team at SmartP@per S.p.A.

Development and evaluation of a Smartphone application for the fruition of 3D content for cultural through augmented reality.


Degree in Computer Science – achieved at the University of Basilicata. This right includes courses in computer engineering and software development.

Maturity – In electronics and telecommunications, obtained at the Industrial Technical Institute “A. Einstein”.

Developer skills

Programming Languages
Java Maven Spring Camel c++ c c# PHP HTML XML CSS JSP JavaScript SQL aspx ObjectiveC

OpenGL Unity3D Autodesk 3D Studio Max Autocad String iOS SDK

Laravel Symphony Framework Ext js ajax Framework Gxt per java JQuery CMR Joomla!

Android SDK xCode

Sistema Operativo Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / 8.1 Unix Linux Mac OsX Leopart Safari Firefox FileZilla Apache Ant IIS Chrome CSV

Adobe PhotoShop InDesign Illustrator Autodesk AutoCAD 3dsMax

Eclipse Netbeans Adobe Creative Suit CS4 MATLAB VMWare, Ant

SQLServer MySQL msAccess Postgres